Walnut Ridge Regional Airport

The city of Walnut is one that has its own historical events even if it is small that makes it interesting. this place is the location fo the regional airport that is run and owned by the city. It was classified as the general aviation and it is the place where the Walnut Ridge Air Force Station and the Marine Corps Air Facility Walnut Ridge is located. The airport has its own share on the part of the life of the Beatles when they had a stopover.

They were in a retreat and they had stopped at the airport that is why it gives rise to the erection of a monument, also a plaza and even a music festival was organized. Such is the influence of the popular band around the world even if their stop is just brief. That is the time they had a retreat in Missouri. This airport has three runways. The other two runways are made of concrete and the third is of asphalt.

At the time when it was actively used it can have an average operation of 257 in a day. It includes the operation of the general aviation which comprised the 97% of the activity. there is the military type of operation which is 2% and the third is the air taxi which has a 1%. At that same time also, it has about 55 aircraft that is based in the airport. You can imagine how it is actively being used and how busy it is at that time.