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Pictures of WW II Aircraft


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November 1, 2002

 An Honored Warrior at rest, covered by the Flag that gives thanks for a job well done.

Predator load

U. S. Air Force Guards our Air space

U. S. Navy guards the seas and protects our Nation interest around the world

After attaching a Humvee's load-bearing ties to a large metal hook protruding from the underbelly of a CH-53E, Marines from Combat Service Support Detachment 24 clear the area as the Humvee begins to lift off from the flight deck of the USS Bataan during Helicopter Suspension Training Dec. 12. The HST drill was part of CSSD-24's Type Course Amphibious Training, designed to provide practice in moving personnel and equipment from ship to shore. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Sarah A. Beavers

  It takes a lot of equipment and supplies to keep the U. S. Marines on the move.


SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 22--A Coast Guard 25-foot defender class boat from Station Seattle enforces a security zone around a Washington State Ferry in Elliot Bay Dec. 22, 2003. Due to the heightened level of security, the Coast Guard has stepped up patrols in our nations ports and waterways. USCG photo by PA3 Kurt Fredrickson

U. S. Coast Guard protects our Home waters

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